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A Different Grocery Shopping Experience!


We began small, with the simple idea of opening a grocery store in Orangeville that provides a combination of Jamaican and Caribbean foods that we grew up on in our native Jamaica. Our goal was to make it an addition to our take-out restaurant, and include some of the spices that make our flavours so delicious.


We opened the restaurant first. then, within a few short months of opening, we started stocking the grocery shelves with a variety of delicious food and delicacies, many of which can only be found in the Caribbean.


If you are of Caribbean origins, doing groceries at Topville gives you a sense of nostalgia; it reminds you of home.  If you have not yet tried grocery shopping with us, our doors are open and our shelves are stocked with everything pictured and a whole lot more! 

Come on in and savour the many flavours of Jamaica and the Caribbean - a different grocery shopping experience!

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